A protocol and platform
for the nightlife ecosystem:
for better rewards frameworks,
seamless journeys and smarter data.

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Nite Token is an open source cryptographic ERC20 Token governing the nightlife and leisure ecosystems.
It provides access to dapps, rewards the community for meaningful contributions
such as sharing recommendations and bringing friends and enables transactions to happen.

Nite Token natively supports: staking, forging ERC-20 into ERC-721 tokens and capturing events.


Lack of Authentic
Information & Trust

The most valuable, yet least accessible asset is information: people don’t know where to go and what’s happening on the night out.

Fragmented & Inefficient
Nightlife Journey

There are transactional inefficiencies around venue entry, tickets, tables and drinks purchases.

Reward System

There is lack of smart data and no rewards for venue loyalty e.g. for frequent customers. Neither DJs and bartenders are fully rewarded for the quality of their performance.

Nightlife Matters!

Nightlife is a multibillion dollar worth sector
with excellent economies of scale and network effects.


UK’s Nightlife Industry worth


London's worth


U.S. Night Clubs' Revenue


New York's worth

Buy a drink with Ether
in Singapore

Singapore-based night club Skyline announced that it would enable the use of Ethereum as a payment method for food and drinks.


Our mission is to improve the nightlife offering for all stakeholders (including DApps, consumers, venues, event hosts and DJs) and create better experiences and seamless nightlife journeys whilst reducing frustration.

This includes our acronym:







Higher engagement and participation in the ecosystem through incentivising all stakeholders to contribute information and recommendations, verify content, share data and provide services.


Meaningful rewards for the most loyal customers and frequent visitors through allowing tokens to be earned with purchases such as drinks, tickets and tables or making referrals.


Peer to peer rewards through people upvoting content shared on the night such as pictures and videos informing the community about where is best to go. Collection of public activity in the ecosystem to store it in the Event Data Pool - a data marketplace for use of DApps, cities, brands.


Content verification through Proof-Of-Stake. Optimised, honest and transparent reviews and ratings. Exciting ability to tip DJs, bands, performers etc. for good performance or service.


In app payments for transactions such as entry fee, drinks or table purchases and payments splitting allows for faster and cheaper purchases with international use.

Press & Recognition

Nightset will represent a Proof-Of-Concept DApp powered by the Nitechain protocol.

Nightset is a multi award winning app: Forbes 30 under 30, The Rising Star Award by The Sunday Times, Top 50 most disruptive UK businesses, incubated by Mayor of London's London & Partners Business Growth Programme.

Nightset has closed strategic partnerships with Night Time Industries Association that took part in creating a Night Czar and represents thousands of venues globally. It has also become an ambassador for the #nightlifematters campaign and the London Bar and Club Awards official promotional agency.

Our Team

Team of a serial entrepreneurs passionate about the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Anna Frankowska

CEO & Co-Founder

Andrzej Frankowski

CTO & Co-Founder

Abbas Kazmi

Chief Commercial
/Investment Officer

Aleksander Grygier

Head of Design & UX

Patryk Matuszewski

Blockchain Engineer

Maciej Wójtowicz

Social Media Manager


Daniele Monteleone


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